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Dear Olga, Hope you are well, as we are well. Jason has finished the second stage of his cure and he is doing fine, as his itch has eased down. He is much better for going to school and playing, so I am sending to you for stage three. He has finished his last three sweets today. I am so happy for Jason to be so good to celebrate his 7th birthday. I am happy he is so good because he was so ill with his skin.


Dear Ms Breslin, Many thanks for the cure of the psoriasis. It has improved a lot since. In fact, it is almost gone, except for two spots on her foot. I don't think she'll need any more sweets this time. If she gets it again, I'll get in touch with you.


Dear Olga, In June this year I wrote to you asking for you to pray for me as I had been suffering for nearly a year, from eye infections and headaches, thought to be related to sinuses. From the day I took the first sweet you sent me, I have not been to an eye doctor since.. I haven't had an eye infection since I complete the sweets, only occasional redness. It has made such a difference to my life and I thank you most sincerely for praying for me. I hope you continue to help others like me. I have passed on your name to others with problems. Mary


Dear Olga, I am writing to thank you for the cure; it cleared every bit of the eczema of me. Never left a trace, thank you so much. God Bless You


Please find a small donation. I want to thank you for your help. My spots have all cleared up completely since I have used your cure.