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A little about myself…

My name is Olga Breslin, I’m married with three of a family and live in the little village of Frosses, seven miles from Donegal Town. My hobbies include gardening, music and looking after the grandkids!!

In the past I have sucessfully completed studies in Social Care in University College Galway and have had many years experience in care for the elderly. I first became aware of the cure when I was 8 years old but didn’t start to practice it until I was older. I have been told the reason I was given the ability to heal was because I was the first born child of parents that had the same surname.

I’ve been practising for many years now and I see people individually at clinics in my own home. These clinics are held by appointment only. If this is not an option I can send the cure by post.

I have been asked to cure all sorts of conditions and won’t refuse anyone but I do tend to specialise in skin disorders and many other ailments. The cure sometimes brings the condition to a head before it heals, it may get worse before it gets better, so I recommend having a second and third cure leaving no more than nine days between them. Here is an example of how the cure works.

Prescribed medication and creams will not interfere with this cure so I recommend you continue with them as they will only compliment each other.