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We are now able to accept payments through paypal including free postage if you would like to donate through that channel. Otherwise you can contact me in a variety of ways. Please note payments through paypal now take 12 days (not 7 days).

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For those of you who want to avail of the cure by post, I will briefly explain how it works.

I require the name of the person in need of the cure, specifying whether they are an adult or a child and the various conditions they suffer from. These details I use for my prayer and this leaves the cure unique to that person.

The sweets are held in my hand as I say the prayer and the healing energy can be passed onto them. This has been described to me as a warm or calming sensation when I touch the person. In order for this power to pass on to the person they must eat the sweets, this has allowed me send my cure all over the world and it has proved to be as successful as a face to face encounter at a clinic.

I always include a guide on when and how to take the cure.

Mrs Olga Breslin
Mountcharles PO.
Co. Donegal

Please Include:
1. A self addressed padded envelope.
2. The name of the person in need of the cure and an outline of their condition.
3. State whether the cure is for an adult, child or infant.

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