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Olgas Cures

CAZ4U0ZATraditional Irish Cures For Skin & Other Ailments

This is essentially a Christian cure. I first became aware of this special gift when I was 8 years old but didn’t practice until I was older. It centres on a prayer, I need to include the person’s name in my prayer and pass on something that was present during the prayer, preferable something they can eat, I generally use simple sweets as most people will eat them especially children, diabetic’s or diet restricted people. child or an infant. The cure then works in three and nines, three taken on day one, three taken nine days later and three taken nine days later again. This is repeated three times. Most people experience a warm sensation as the energy is transferred. Regardless of how we try to explain it Christians have been given the ability to heal for two thousand years. Some one once told me for those who believe in such cures no explanation is necessary and for those who do not, no explanation is possible.

I have helped all sorts of ailments and conditions; I myself know that I have a strong effect on skin conditions such as psoriasis eczema dermatitis and acne but as the years passed people have come to me with all sorts of conditions. I have also helped people during stressful times in their lives, they feel the cure gives them peace of mind and they feel better able to cope with the situation.

It’s not necessary for me to meet people face to face but some people prefer it that way and as a result I hold clinic’s at home by appointment only alternatively if you contact me we can arrange to have this cure done by post. In order to cover Revenue & expenditure unfortunately I’ve had to introduce a charge for all cures, appointment €35 and postal €60 (3 cures) & collection €20 per cure.



Example of Cure by POST below.


Clinic App.
Telephone Home: 0749736984/ N.I :00353749736984
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Postal Address: Mrs Olga Breslin
Mountcharles PO.
Co. Donegal
IrelandEircode: F94 D6X5

For those of you who want to avail of the cure by post, I will briefly explain how it works.

I require the name of the person in need of the cure, specifying whether they are an adult or a child and the various conditions they suffer from. These details I use for my prayer and this leaves the cure unique to that person.

The sweets are held in my hand as I say the prayer so the healing energy can be passed onto them. This has been described to me as a warm or calming sensation when I touch the person. In order for this power to pass on to the person they must eat the sweets, this has allowed me send my cure all over the world and it has proved to be as successful as a face to face encounter at a clinic.

I always include a guide on when and how to take this cure.

Please Include:

  1. A stamped self addressed A4 padded envelope.
  2. The name of the person in need of the cure and an outline of their condition.
  3. State whether the cure is for an adult , child or infant.
  4. In order to cover Revenue & Expenditure I’ve had to introduce a charge for all cures, appointment €35 and postal €60 (3 cures) & collection €20 per cure.
  5. Please allow sufficient postage, €5 is the average postage on A4 padded envelopes.